Door Lock Ultra

Ikin smart locks are designed to ensure the safety and security of you and your family through the...
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Door Lock Ultra

Door Lock Ultra

Rs. 24,999.00 Rs. 15,950.00

Door Lock Ultra

Rs. 24,999.00 Rs. 15,950.00

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Explore our Smart Lock FAQ section for quick answers to common queries about installation, compatibility, and features.
    Is the lock easy to install?

    If you are a DIY installer, you can easily install the Door Lock with the template and booklet provided with every smart door lock. You can also reach out to us at 1800-212-2012 or support@ikinglobal.comfor free installation support via video call. You may also search “IKIN door lock Ultra installation” on YouTube for a step-by-step video tutorial.

    Free Onsite installations by Ikin Expert Carpenters are available in 32 selected Cities across India. Check our website to see the list of cities. You can reach out to us at 1800-212-2012 orsupport@ikinglobal.comfor free installation support via video call anywhere in the world.

    Yes, the handle direction and latch direction can be adjusted according to the direction in which the door is opened.

    If the gap between the inner face of the two doors is more than 30mm - you will be able to install the IKIN smart door lock on both doors.

    Yes, with the help of any carpenter you can replace your existing traditional door lock with the IKIN Smart Door Lock following the manual instructions provided.

    Two Mechanical Keys are provided with all models of IKIN Smart Door Locks

    Ikin Smart Door locks are durable and the chances of not working are out of the equation. However, you can use the manual key to open IKIN smart door lock at any point in time.

    Yes, multiple IKIN locks can be added & managed from one single account/mobile app.

    Yes, You can grant - Temporary/Permanent/One-time/Recurring access for a new visitor using IKIN mobile app even if you are not at home

    You will get a notification on the mobile application if the Battery on the Ikin Door Lock is critically low. However, all IKIN smart door locks have an emergency USB port in the outdoor unit, you can use any power bank to power up the door lock using this USB port.

    Ikin Door Lock Ultra is covered under 2 year of warranty. You can reach out to us at 1800-212-2012 orsupport@ikinglobal.comto claim the warranty.