1. During the warranty period, if any defect arises in the device, SectorQube Technolabs will, at its sole discretion, either Repair the device free of cost with either new or refurbished parts, or Replace the device with a new or refurbished device that is equivalent to the device to be replaced 2. The scope of warranty covers the labour and parts required to fix or replace the parts or the device as a whole. 3. Purchase invoice is the supporting document required to claim the warranty for the device. 4. Warranty Period Item Warranty Period Ikin Door Lock Ultra 2 years Ikin Door Lock Max 1 year Ikin Door Lock Max SE 1 year Ikin Padlock HD 1 year Ikin Wi-Fi gateway 1 year 5. This limited warranty does not cover the following : If the warranty seal on the Device is broken. Devices that have been subjected to: (a) modifications, alterations, tampering or improper maintenance and repair (b) handling, storage, installation, testing or use not in accordance with any user guide, placement guidelines, other instructions provided by SectorQube Technolabs (c) abuse or misuse of the product. (d) breakdown, fluctuations, or interruptions in electrical power or the telecommunication network; or (e) Acts of God, including but not limited to lighting, flood, tornado, earthquake or hurricane. errors and damages caused by: (a) liquid ingress, or spilled food, or physical abuse, or normal wear and tear, (b) use of or being connected to any accessory which was not supplied or authorised by SectorQube Technolabs. Plastic components like front or back covers plus rubber components. Physical or cosmetic damages.